A Mini Guide for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

This is a website dedicated to those who have a great appreciation for motorcycles. It is a mix of information that most will find interesting and informative. There is much to be said about this mode of transportation.

Hopefully, a site such as this will spark some enthusiasm in those who as yet have not considered being motorcyclists. This is an adventure that can serve many different purposes. It is the ideal mode of transportation for those that want to travel economically and without the hassle that other vehicles may bring. Some of the highlights of what this site has to offer are as follows:

History of Harley Davidson

Even for those who have very little knowledge or interest in motorcycles will recognize the name Harley Davidson. They are such a popular manufacturer that they are never taken for granted. It is interesting to look at some history of this manufacturer which will walk the reader through the success of the company.

Canadian Biker Gangs

Most people are aware that in the United States, there are many prominent biker gangs. Many of these create a lot of havoc with law enforcement. What some are not aware of is that Canada faces similar problems, albeit on a smaller scale. Many of the bike gangs in Canada are extensions from the US. The post here is really interesting as it showcases some examples of bike gangs in Canada and how they originated.

The Harley Davidson Bikes

There is no way that one average post could showcase all of the Harley Davidson Bikes that have been produced. Instead, the intention of this site was to focus on those that have been recorded as the most expensive. For those who are interested in buying one of the Harley Davidsons, it must be kept in mind that there is a large span among the prices. Most prospective buyers can find one of these bikes that will fit into their budget nicely.

Harley Davidson Buying Tips

One of the most exciting moments in a motorcyclist’s life is when they have an opportunity to buy a new bike, especially if it is going to be a Harley Davidson. The post here can be used as a starter guide for purchasing this particular brand. It will add to the excitement of the adventure of bike buying.

Motorcycle Brands

Although Harley Davidson is such a popular brand, there are several other very popular manufacturers in this industry. There is a post dedicated to some of these, so readers will know that they have options.

Overall this site is meant to have something for everyone that has an interest in motorbikes. Readers should find that the information here may provide them with tips and facts that they were not aware of.