Guide to Buying Your First Harley

As soon as the decision is made to buy a motorcycle, the anticipation begins to build. When it means that the purchase is going to be a Harley Davidson, then it now becomes the thrill of a lifetime for many. It also means giving the purchase of this brand of bike some careful thought and planning.

Skills Level

Harley Davidson Motorcycles come in many different designs and sizes, and they are all powerful. The buyer of this brand of a bike needs to know what their skills level is. The anticipation of buying one of these bikes can often cloud the judgment which can lead them to invest in a bike that has too much power for them.

The Intention

Another big factor is the reason for buying the bike. This will help to decide which is the best model. For example, those that are going to use it for commuting will want to look at a different selection compared to those used for cruising.

Proper Research

Those that are going to buy a Harley Davidson usually have some basic knowledge about them. More than this is needed when it comes to purchasing one. There is plenty of information and lots of resources that can provide additional information. It is worth taking the time to check this out so an informed decision can be made. There are six categories of these bikes which are:

  • Street Series
  • Sportster
  • Softail
  • Touring
  • CVO
  • Trike

Knowing the basics of each of these categories will help the buyer to narrow down their choices by being able to focus on those that are most applicable to the intended use of the motorcycle.

The Budget

The budget for the purchase of Harley Davidson is going to be a big factor. The price range of these motorcycles is quite vast. Each category is a step up from the one below it, and so is the price. It is important that the buyer doesn’t overextend themselves financially as this will detract from the enjoyment of the bike itself.

Shop Around

Finally, it is important to choose an authorized dealer to purchase from. This way, the buyer can be sure that what they are getting is an authentic Harley Davidson. Also, they can be confident in knowing the seller is going to stand behind the product.

The purchase of Harley Davidson is going to be the biggest outlay of cash. There will be other ongoing costs such as insurance and maintenance. The one big factor when it comes to money, however, will be the savings on fuel.

No matter which Harley Davidson is chosen it must be remembered that these are powerful bikes and every safety measure must be implemented.