Hisotry of biker gangs in Canada

Canada has its fair share of biker gangs which have a long history to them. Thanks to the outstanding police forces throughout Canada, they have been able to keep them in check to some degree.

A Long List

Some may think that there are only a few notorious motorcycle games in Canada, but the list is extensive which includes:

  • The Hells Angels
  • Outlaws
  • Satan’s Choice
  • Para-Dice Riders

These are the ones that are the most known because of the length of time they have been in existence.

Biker Ties to Criminal Elements

Biker gangs have their long list of infractions, but they are also integrated with gambling and protection rackets although not as prominent in Canada as in the United States. Canadian law enforcement has linked them to organized crime in the country.

Today’s World of Biker Gangs

To appreciate the Canadian History of biker gangs, you can begin by looking at what is happening today with these groups. There are no signs of then becoming extinct as law enforcement is keeping a keen eye on the Outlaws as plans seem to be in the works for expansion.

The Hell’s Angels

Canada saw the first surge of the Hell’s Angels who are notorious in the United States in 1977. Although there are many other biker clubs, the Hell’s Angels are considered to be the number one club in Canada with what is assumed to be about four hundred members. All of them wear the Hell’s Angels colors. The colors tell a lot about the individual wearing them, such as whether they are full members and their province.


The year 1977 seemed to be a prominent one for Canada when it came to the bikers. This was the same years that this gang made their presence known in Canada. The Outlaws were a breakaway of several chapters from the Satan’s Choice gang in Montreal. The Outlaws have a strong dislike for the Hell’s Angels.

Satan’s Choice

By 1970 the Satan’s Choice Biker Gang had become the second largest in Canada with a compilation of 300 members. Bernie Guindon was dubbed the godfather of the Club. Although the gang was intimidating, they were considered to be more trouble makers than criminals. It was said that Bernie stood by a code, and that was loyalty.

Para-Dice Riders

The Para-Dice Riders have also been around for many years in Canada but were eventually dissolved and absorbed the Hells Angels.

These are the most well-known biker gangs in Canada mostly because of their longevity. However, there are many others that are making a name for themselves. As more cultural groups become known in Canada it is opening the doors for additional biker gangs, all of which will be closely monitored by the various law enforcement officials.