Top 5 most expensive Harley Davidsons

Those that are in the market looking for a motorcycle will no doubt want to check out what Harley Davidson has to offer. This is a manufacturer that is considered to be number one in the motorcycle industry. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, just owning a motorcycle with the name Harley Davidson is enough to make them proud. For those who have the funds, they could invest in one of the top five most expensive Harley Davidsons.

Financing the Harley Davidson

Most individuals are going to have to arrange financing to help with the purchase of their motorcycle. Especially if they are going to invest in what is considered to be the top of the line or the more expensive bikes.

First Most Expensive Harley Davidson

If an individual is prepaid to lay out $1.35 million for a Harley Davidson, then they will be the proud owner of the Easy Rider. This is the amount that this bike is sold for at an auction. It is known as the prestige patriotic bike in the US where it has been dubbed Captain America.

Second Most Expensive Harley Davidson

If a Harley Davidson enthusiast has an extra $1 million to spare, then they may be able to find the Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship up for grabs. What is so impressive about this bike is the frame which this manufacturer relied so heavily on for the success of their bikes. The name came as a result of the artwork that the bike possesses.

Third Most Expensive Harley Davidson

For those who want a rare find of a Harley Davidson then it would be one of the own two 9-Valve Racer in existence today selling for $1 million. There were only twenty of these bikes that were manufactured.

Fourth Most Expensive Harley Davidson

What makes the Model 5D Twin so expensive at $400,000 is partially due to only 27 of them being built. Out of the27, only one exists and it is housed in a museum in Milwaukee.

Fifth Most Expensive Harley Davidson

These would be the unrestored singles selling for anywhere between $300,000 to $1 million. Limited manufacturing was done for these bikes, which is what makes them rare to find today.

Most Expensive Modern Day Harley Davidson

It isn’t just the historic Harley Davidson’s that come with a hefty price tag. An investment of $1.9 million will provide the purchaser with the Blue Hog. One thing is for certain: if one is going to invest in any Harley Davidson then don’t gamble it; always buy from an authorized dealer. These bikes are just too expensive to take chances with.

While these are the most expensive, there are plenty of Harley Davidsons that will fit into the budgets of most Harley Davidson enthusiasts.